General Information on the Survey


Survey FAQs: Read general information about the survey

Sample Screens: See what the survey looks like

Procedural Timeline: Read through the general steps involved in conducting a survey

Services and Fees: Learn about all the available services, pricing, and discounts

LibQUAL Lite: Learn about the shortened version of the survey


More Information on Customizing and Running the Survey


Running a Survey: FAQs for institutions that have decided to run the survey

Procedures Manual: This PDF contains all the details on running a survey

Consortia Participation: Is your institution part of a consortia? Learn more about consortia participation in LibQUAL

Top 10 LibQUAL Resources

In-Kind Grant Program: Learn about the grant program and how to apply


Further Reading and Contact Information


Participant ListsSee the institutions that have participated in LibQUAL, organized by year

History of LibQUAL: Learn how it came to be

Contact Information: Get in touch with the LibQUAL team