Steering Committee

The LibQUAL+® suite of services is guided by a steering committee comprised of six members composed of the primary developers of the protocol and including ex officio the ARL Executive Director. The Steering Committee is shaping the protocol, its policies, procedures and business operations by listening to the partner libraries that are using the suite of services developed initially with the support of the US Department of Education, Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (2000-2003). As of February 2013, the LibQUAL+ partner libraries included more than 1,300 libraries that have used the protocol across the globe.

The Steering Committee members are responsible for the sustainability of this self-funded set of activities within the Association of Research Libraries. The Steering Committee members are actively involved in shaping the research and practice around this ptotocol and are engaged in outreach activities and speaking engagements and workshops when invited to present on LibQUAL+.  Most of the work of the LibQUAL+ Steering Committee is done via email; in person meetings are convened as needed. The activities of this group are part of the ARL Statistics and Assessment portfolio of activities and reported and reviewed by the ARL Board on a quarterly basis.


Colleen Cook
Trenholme Dean of Libraries, McGill University Library

Fred Heath
Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, University of Texas at Austin

Martha Kyrillidou
Senior Director, ARL Statistics and Service Quality Programs, Association of Research Libraries (ARL)

Bruce Thompson
Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology and CEHD Distinguished Research Fellow, and Distinguished Professor of Library Science, Texas A&M University, and Adjunct Professor of Allied Health Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine (Houston), and Executive Director,Southwest Educational Research Association

Elliott Shore
Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries (ARL)

Stephen Town
Director of Information and University Librarian at the University of York (UK)