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2013 Registration Now Open


Join the Global Community of LibQUAL+®: 2013 Registration Now Open

LibQUAL+® is pleased to announce the opening of registration for 2013. With an ever-expanding community composed of libraries from over 25 countries around the world, now is the time to kick-start your assessment with the capability to benchmark with more than a million complete surveys of data.

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In 2010, we introduced a fee structure with two important features that will benefit you in 2013. First, we have kept the same base fee for the LibQUAL+® survey implementation, which we continue to carry over to 2013. Second, we implemented a fee structure that offers the LibQUAL+® survey to you for less on an annual and biennial basis. The pricing rewards periodic, structured participation and encourages libraries to make participation decisions strategically, rather than on an ad hoc basis.

Register to Participate in 2013

Past participants may register at http://www.libqual.org/register/survey. If your institution participated in 2012, your fee will be only $2,200. If your institution most recently participated in 2011, your fee will be only $2,700. For all others, the standard base fee of $3,200 applies.

The fee also covers access to all the results from all the institutions for the year you register. To access survey results from the years you don’t implement a survey, a $1,000 annual LibQUAL+®Membership Subscription fee is available.

New participants can set up a new account for registration by writing to libqual@arl.org. With registration, you will receive access to a rich array of assessment resources, free training, and timely delivery of your survey results.

Registration Deadlines

  • Register by May 1, 2013, to participate in LibQUAL+® 2013 Session 1 (January–May)
  • Register by November 1, 2013, for 2013 Session 2 (July–December)

Free Training

Free training will be offered on Monday, January 28, 2013 in Seattle, Washington in conjunction with the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. See upcoming LibQUAL+® events.

Additional training and consulting may be organized on a cost recovery basis. If interested, please send an email with a brief description of your training needs.


For more information, contact:
Amy Yeager
Association of Research Libraries