General Information on the Survey


Survey FAQs: Read general information about the survey

Sample Screens: See what the survey looks like

Procedural Timeline: Read through the general steps involved in conducting a survey

Services and Fees: Learn about all the available services, pricing, and discounts

LibQUAL Lite: Learn about the shortened version of the survey


More Information on Customizing and Running the Survey


Running a Survey: FAQs for institutions that have decided to run the survey

Procedures Manual: This PDF contains all the details on running a survey

Consortia Participation: Is your institution part of a consortia? Learn more about consortia participation in LibQUAL

Top 10 LibQUAL Resources


Further Reading and Contact Information


Participant ListsSee the institutions that have participated in LibQUAL, organized by year

History of LibQUAL: Learn how it came to be

Contact Information: Get in touch with the LibQUAL team