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Benefits of Registration

Registration for a survey grants access to the system to configure and administer your survey, and to collect and track responses. After you close your survey, you will have access to your final summary data, representativeness info, raw data files in .csv format, SPSS syntax files, survey comments, and Results Notebook - LibQUAL+'s own analysis of your results. Registration also gives you access to the summary data and Results Notebooks of all institutions that participated in the same year. You will have access to the Analytics tool, which enables you to interactively analyze your results and benchmark with other institutions. Plus, you will forever be part of the LibQUAL+ community and have its resources right at your fingertips.

Payment Terms

Payment is due within 60 days and is required prior to delivery of the library's results report.​
Registering is a financial commitment. No refunds will be issued. Participation fees cannot be rolled over to future surveys.

Fee Structure for Periodic Participation

Over the years, we increasingly have come to realize the benefits to libraries from participating in LibQUAL+ on a regularly-scheduled basis. Some libraries have even found it beneficial to participate every year because they have then been able to detect small changes in ratings that are meaningful given the movement over a period of 3, or 4, or even 7 years. There are also planning benefits to the project if libraries participate on a more structured basis.

Therefore, we have implemented a fee structure that rewards periodic, structured participation, and encourages libraries to make participation decisions strategically, rather than on an ad hoc, one-time basis. The fee structure is “back-end loaded” meaning that fees in subsequent years will be reduced in recognition of participation on a scheduled periodic basis. The fee structure follows:

Year #1: Standard base fee: $3,200; Year #2: $2,200, and $2,200 every year thereafter, until a year is skipped, at which point the institution's fee reverts to the standard base fee, currently set at $3,200.

Year #1: Standard base fee: $3,200; Year #3: $2,700, and $2,700 every scheduled participation year thereafter, until a scheduled year is skipped, at which point the institution's fee reverts to the standard base fee, currently set at $3,200.


The standard base fee for that given year.

We reserve the right to alter fees for both base and subsequent years in the future. However, it is our hope that we can use the current fee structure for the foreseeable future.

This fee structure is partnered with the launch of our new and improved platform in 2010 that offers a major enhancement to the protocol, a feature called LibQUAL+ Lite. A short form of the LibQUAL+ survey, LibQUAL+ Lite uses item sampling methods to: (a) gather data on all 22 LibQUAL+ core items, while (b) each individual participant responds to only a subset of items. As a consequence, survey response times are roughly cut in half, while the library still receives data on every survey question! For more information about LibQUAL+ Lite, see:

In-Kind Grant Program

LibQUAL+ offers an in-kind grant for participation in the LibQUAL+ survey. The selection criteria is based on financial need, contribution to the growth of LibQUAL+, and improvements in local service and quality. For more information, please visit the In-Kind Grant Program page.

Membership Subscription

Responding to the demand for access to the results for all the years even if a library does not implement the LibQUAL+ survey in a specific year, we now offer full access to the Data Repository and Analytics based on an annual membership subscription.

The Data Repository is an archive of all past participating institutions’ Results Notebooks (LibQUAL+’s own analysis of results) and data summaries, as well as all consortium Results Notebooks. This invaluable benchmarking information is categorized by year and offers well over 2,000 reports since 2000. LibQUAL+ Analytics is an interactive tool that allows dynamic creation of institution-specific charts and tables for different subgroups and across different survey years. The $1,000 Membership Subscription fee gives you access to all the years of analysis in both the Data Repository and Analytics and will support the development of future Analytics modules to facilitate interactive analysis of the rich LibQUAL+ dataset.

You can subscribe while registering for a new survey or directly at Register for a Subscription. LibQUAL+ Membership Subscriptions run for one year from the date they are established (rather than for a calendar-year period, as with LibQUAL survey registration).

Special Analyses

All custom reports can be requested post-registration or even post-survey.

Library Branch Analysis | Sample (PDF)
The Library Branch Analysis (requested post-registration) provides a breakdown of branches that were input for the item "The library you use most often." Each branch will have a separate Results Notebook and the structure is similar to the individual Results Notebook. The fee for this analysis is $3,200 for up to 5 branches; each additional branch is another $1,000. To request a Library Branch Analysis, e-mail

Customized Discipline Analysis | Sample (PDF)
The Customized Discipline Analysis service provides a breakdown of disciplines you will create when you configure your survey. The notebook will be structured similarly to the Results Notebook. The fee for this analysis is $3,200.

User Subgroup Analysis | Sample (PDF)
Provides a breakdown of the positions selected by respondents (e.g. First Year, Professor, etc.). Whereas the regular notebook is separated by the larger group (e.g. Undergraduate, Faculty, etc.), this analysis drills down to the specific position. The fee for this analysis is $3,200.

Customized Grouping Analysis
Provides a breakdown of demographic groupings of your own creation. For example, you could merge all of your disciplines into a smaller number of larger-scale groups and receive reports on each of those larger-scale groups. Talk with the LibQUAL+ Team about all the possibilities. The fee for this analysis is $3,200.

For more information on LibQUAL+® Services and Fees, send an e-mail to