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ARL Notebook 2018
Publication Type: ARL & Group Notebooks
LibQUAL+ 2018 Highlights
Publication Type: Special
LibQUAL+ 2018 Highlights Supplement
Publication Type: Special
Using LibQUAL+ as a Foundation for the Library's Support of Accreditation and Re-Certification Efforts
Michael Maciel, Texas A&M University
Publication Type: Presentations
ARL Notebook 2017
Publication Type: ARL & Group Notebooks
LibQUAL+ 2017 Highlights
Publication Type: Special
Potatoes to patrons: using a variation of Fisher’s agricultural split-plot model to explore the information control dimension of LibQUAL+
Christopher Sean Guder, Performance Measurement and Metrics (forthcoming)
Publication Type: Related Articles
Measuring the Quality of Services in Maulana Azad Library, AMU, Aligarh: A Study
Masoom Raza and Abdus Samim, in Proceedings of 11th International CALIBER, Chennai, India, August 2-4, 2017, 460-470. Gandhinagar, India: INFLIBNET Centre, 2017.
Publication Type: Related Articles
Using Variability to Diversify Library Assessment and Maximize Value of Assessment Data
Jackie Bronicki, Paper, Association of College and Research Libraries 2017 Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, March 22-25, 2017.
Publication Type: Conference Papers
Studying on Enhancing Readers’ Satisfaction Model of Electronic Service Quality in Library Based on LibQUAL+ and Kano
Yan-liang Zhang, Run-fang Bi, and Min Xiao, Procedia Engineering 174 (2017): 260–266. doi:
Publication Type: Related Articles